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2017 fishing tackle industry must read report: the development trend of China's fishing tackle industry in the next five years


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2017 fishing tackle industry must read report: the development trend of China's fishing tackle industry in the next five years

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1, a number of trends in the future development of China's economy
Without knowing the trend, we can't control the future! Often walk on the edge of the lake, where there is no wet shoes.
For the fishing tackle industry, what is the outlook for the next five years? This is not only the focus of attention of the whole industry, but also the compass for the survival of enterprises.
For the development trend of China's economy in the next five years, I have the following judgments:
1, the supply side is fully blooming, leading the Chinese consumer market into the era of high quality and high price.
2, the urban agglomeration is dominated by the economy, and the population has a two polar flow (to the urban agglomeration, to the urbanization flow (the environment and the good place for Entrepreneurship). In the future, the Chinese business is basically on the two levels. );
3, health awareness is enhanced, and outdoor sports population is changing from a sharp increase to a steady growth trend.
4, the integration of global tourism and quickening the pace of integration and development between industries.
5, financial consumption is characterized by facilitation, digitalization, credit and mobility.
6, Internet Plus + Internet industry and the formation of innovation efforts, China manufacturing industry to accelerate the development trend of present wisdom;
7, cultural industry revival, creative industry has become one of the prerequisites for the development and innovation of all industries.
8, entertainment has shifted from one sidedness to vulgarization to the spiritual food supply innovation with positive energy transmission.
From these eight points, more or less, we can draw the following conclusions:
China will enter a critical period of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. Many macro and micro changes, such as increasing income, increasing health awareness, improving the quality of life, improving spiritual pursuit, enhancing scientific and technological progress, and improving national system innovation, will bring China into the era of comprehensive well-off society. Based on this prospect, the high quality and good price will bring about the overall growth of the fishing enterprises because of the success of the supply side reform and the initial formation of the high quality life era.
2. The trend of industry development
In view of the above assumptions and judgments, combined with the recent changes in the fishing tackle industry itself, the industry has shown the following trends:
1, the fishing movement develops towards younger, fashion, entertainment and creativity.
2, specialization, professionalization and commercialization will show the trend of oligopoly in the next five years.
3, the media creates value deeply, and the trend of the integration of traditional media and new media is strengthened.
4, the trend of Internet shopping is obviously increasing. Fishing tackle can not leave the Internet alone.
5, traditional exhibition growth is weak, and the experience type new exhibition has full potential for development.
6, the fishing industry will be a bright spot for the development of the industry.
7, the popular fishing market, the IP war began to break out;
8, the development of fishing gear shops to professional advisors, scene experience, online and offline integration and brand chain will become a trend.
From the above 8 points, we can see that the fishing tackle market is developing steadily. Although the current scale is not very ideal, with the colleagues in the fishing industry, we believe that you can create an elegant model of life style.
The whole society of China is changing from poor life to preliminary rich life, rich in hand, and what is the living way of the rich people?
3, the deadly habit that endangers the development of the enterprise
For the fishing tackle industry, the new and ancient business models are intertwined, and more importantly, in twenty-first Century, the operating mechanism of the fishing tackle enterprises remained in 1980s and 90s. Overconfidence and over reliance on selling products, I am really worried about how you will survive in the future.
1, pure manufacturing production sales model;
2, pure brand - production - investment model;
3, old-fashioned sales model;
4, pure fishing gear shop distribution model;
If you don't change, the four points above are enough for your life. The wealth you created may disappear in minutes. Really don't think the world is centered on you. The commercial world will always rely only on consumers' opinions, not meeting their needs and principles of satisfaction, and hope will become a disappointment.
4, a magic weapon for new students
The first thing to change to a new student is the idea, followed by the commercial design, and finally the action. Don't move blindly before you don't think about it. The consequences of blindness will bring disaster to you!
1, transformation (transformation of business thinking, transformation of production and marketing mode, transformation of enterprise system, transformation with modern thought, and continuous progress with the times).
2, business model R & D - sharing mode;
3, the fan economy;
4, mobile e-commerce;
5, experiential sales;
6, digital management and visual marketing (visual marketing);
7, enticing the new generation - the attraction of beauty and charm.
The above 7 points, in the hope of deep research. The premise is transformation. First we must change our ideas, deeply study the future trend, and design with the actual situation of enterprises.
We have been fishing as an elegant way of life, but the reality that people buy Fishing gear is really not flattering, one can not experience, two can not understand, three no elegant elements. So some fishing shops business is not ideal, it is very normal.
5, the dividend of the supply side reform
Dividends exist, and future dividends will be diversified. So, to master the opportunity,