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A brief talk on the skill of fishing for carp in early spring


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A brief talk on the skill of fishing for carp in early spring

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First spring to catch crucian carp based, so the fishing tackle should be targeted: long and light fishing rod, fine if the hairline of fine line, small and sharp Ise No. 4~5 hook, with red head drifting hook combination, to adjust the weight of the buoyancy weight relationship suitable, more quickly and quickly reacted the feeding action of Carassius auratus.
Bait with white rice and some white wine or banana flavor, soak for a few days, so that its aroma is absorbed by broken rice, luring crucian carp to nest quickly. Because rice is broken, it can hardly be eaten by fish at one thirty, and it is better to keep fish in a suitable nest.    
Early spring water is still cooler. Crucian carp just passes through the cold winter. It needs a lot of protein supplement. The bait in early spring is not very ideal. The use of fine earthworms like red stalks and bright red worms can make crucian carp better. It is especially important to choose the right fishing position before the hook. The choice of fishing will achieve twice the result with half the effort. Carassius auratus has the characteristics of cluster flow. It likes to swim in grass, reeds, cattail, wood stakes and rocks, so as far as possible, choose to fish in these places.
After selecting the catch points, you must first bait the fish. In order to trap the bait, scatter the broken rice lightly into the fishing position as far as possible, and mark it well. Sometimes the water is thicker and not easy to hook. But you can see that there are fish flowing. You can pick up the grass and have a small bowl. The natural gap is called natural nest. Do not deliberately change it. Often the large crucian carp caught from the shore is caught from this inconspicuous straw gap. In order to improve the hook rate, you can do more than a few nest, the bait at once do not spread too much, too much to let the fish eat, but will not actively bite, also lost the purpose of luring the fish.
After the nest, if the early spring season, the carp will be half an hour later can slowly gather to the fishing position. In the February and late spring, only 10 minutes will bring the fish quickly, so there are early spring "eating fish" and "fish looking for food" in late spring. Because the nest is many, you can try fishing at each fishing place, or you can see which fish star has first to catch. Crucian carp stars are well recognized, and the two groups slowly rise from the bottom to the surface. The bigger the size of the Carassius auratus, the bigger the bubble; if the fish gather more at the bottom, there will be more bubbles. But many and stable, basically two two, will not pop up a large number of bubbles. After watching the fish star, you can wear the hook under the earthworm. The lower hooks should be steady and light, with a red head for easy viewing. If the floating bottom is still lying on the surface of the water, it is possible that the hook falls on the water and grass or is eaten by the fish. It should be treated as a fish bite, with a point of wrist strength, and a gentle release from the crucian carp.
Crucian carp bite, the action is very good, head and tail, gently suck slowly swallowing. Buoy reaction is a little jitter or left and right shaking, if they eat into their mouth, they will go up to walk, float will be slowly rising to send drifting, at this time the pole should be raised; if the bait after swallowing the potential, float the reaction for the sinking, also should be timely promotion of the pole. The movement of the pole should be flexible and rigid, so that the fish hook can pierce the fish mouth and lift the fish out of the water. Avoid overexertion as far as possible. The phenomenon of hooks and fish mouths let them slip into the grass and disperse the fish. Experienced fishing can often determine the size of the crucian carp from the floating movement, the slower the floating movement, the smaller the range, the larger the crucian carp, while the small crucian carp is the opposite, and the floating movement is fast and large.
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