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Policy, Ministry of industry and information, guidance on promoting the upgrading and development of cultural, sports and sporti


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Policy, Ministry of industry and information, guidance on promoting the upgrading and development of cultural, sports and sporti

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The Ministry of industry and information has proposed to speed up the development of green, intelligent and healthy multi-functional and high-end products, and support the key enterprises to speed up the development and marketing of high-end ballpoint pen, intelligent indoor fitness equipment, leisure sports equipment, fishing tackle and other products, and promote the development of new manufacturing models, such as individualization and customization. Taking the revitalization and development of the "three big balls" as an opportunity, we will vigorously develop the ball used for matches.
With China's successful bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, we will promote the development and production of ice and snow sports equipment such as ice and snow equipment and protective appliances. We should strengthen the development and market promotion of products such as fitness and rehabilitation equipment for the elderly. The national fitness program of the State Council should be implemented to develop and produce fitness supplies to meet the needs of the residents' cycling, mountaineering, hiking, swimming, and ball games. Make full use of the "Internet plus" technology, the development of national fitness products. Encourage production enterprises to cooperate with fitness guidance program, sports prescription library and Chinese physical fitness guide guide to promote and popularize, and actively develop innovative equipment and equipment suitable for walking, aerobics, yoga and other sports.
The Ministry of industry and credit needs to promote intelligent manufacturing and promote the integrated and integrated application of industrial Internet, cloud computing and large data in the culture and education sports products industry, encourage enterprises with good basic conditions to carry out intelligent transformation, play the role of national intelligent equipment and intelligent manufacturing related industry measurement and test centers, and speed up the soft and hard manufacturing of intelligent manufacturing. Product application. Encourage leading enterprises to speed up the integrated innovation of digital workshop / intelligent factory, and carry out typical experience exchange and promotion activities in the whole industry.
The Ministry of industry and information on policy measures proposed to increase financial support for the technical transformation and transformation and upgrading of the cultural and educational sports goods industry, and support the backbone enterprises with broad market prospects to improve the technological transformation and equipment renewal of the production automation and intelligent level. The production enterprises should be encouraged to raise the proportion of direct financing. We should give full play to the role of Finance in promoting technological innovation, promote technological innovation and achievements transformation, and support the accelerated development of technological innovation oriented enterprises.
We should implement financial policies to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, further expand the financing channels for SMEs, and improve the credit guarantee system for SMEs. We will accelerate the development of financial products and services that support public entrepreneurship and innovation. Encourage banking financial institutions to develop enterprises' intangible assets pledge loan business and support the brand building of cultural, educational and sporting goods industry.
Further play the role of policy oriented finance and development finance, and support financial institutions in various ways, such as syndicated loans, export credit, project financing, and so on, to set up a financial service platform for the establishment of international R & D, production system and brand promotion for qualified enterprises. We should increase the support of export credit insurance to brand enterprises, and encourage commercial banks to actively carry out export credit insurance policy financing business according to law.
(from the Securities Times)
The following is the original policy
Ministry of industry and information consumption [2016]401
Various provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and municipalities directly under the central government, the Xinjiang production and construction corps industry and information management departments, the China Light Industry Federation, the Chinese cultural and educational sports articles Association and the Chinese pen making Association:
In order to implement "China made 2025", "the State Council on accelerating the development of sports industry to promote sports consumption", "the office of the State Council on developing consumer goods industry" three products "special action to create a good market environment for a number of opinions" and "light industrial development plan (2016-2020 years)" "", better promote The cultural and educational sporting goods industry is actively adapting to the new normal, steadily increasing, adjusting the structure, improving the quality and increasing efficiency, realizing the upgrading and development, and meeting and adapting to the multi-level cultural and educational consumption demand of the culture and education, and the following suggestions are put forward.
I. promoting the importance of upgrading the cultural, educational and sporting goods industry
The culture and education sports products industry covers many industries, such as pen products, office stationery, student stationery, paper products, art articles, teaching supplies, balls, fishing gear, sports equipment and accessories, training and fitness equipment, outdoor sports equipment, sports equipment manufacture and so on. After years of development, China has formed a complete industrial system of raw materials, components, product design and production, logistics and so on. It has become a big country for the production, export and consumption of cultural and educational sporting goods in the world. In 2015, there were 2187 Enterprises above the scale, which realized the main business income of 326 billion 500 million yuan, the products were exported to more than 200 countries and regions, and a number of well-known domestic brands were sprung up, and the scale and benefit of industrial clusters were steadily improved.
However, compared with the advanced countries in the world, China's cultural, educational and sporting goods industry is rather big and not strong enough. The ability of R & D design and technological innovation is weak, and the product homogenization is serious; low price competition is more common. The counterfeit and inferior products plagued the low end market and the rural market, which bring the product quality and safety problems; the degree of automation of production equipment is far from the international advanced level, and the precision of product processing is not high. Internationally renowned brands, the domestic high-end products market has been dominated by well-known foreign brands.
Therefore, to solve the current problems, it is beneficial to promote the integration and development of cultural and educational sports goods industry and cultural creativity and design service industry, improve the value-added of products, promote the innovation of enterprise technology, product innovation and marketing mode, improve the international competitiveness of the industry, and expand the supply of high-end products in the sports goods and education products. To meet the needs of residents' consumption upgrading, and cultivate new consumption growth points.
Two. Guiding ideology, basic principles and