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From 2016 to 2017, Da Qi's "full of strength" winter indoor greenhouse fishing crucian carp invitational tournament ended succes


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From 2016 to 2017, Da Qi's "full of strength" winter indoor greenhouse fishing crucian carp invitational tournament ended succes

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From 2016 to 2017, the Duchess (beef soup) was "full of beef" and the winter indoor greenhouse invitational tournament started in November 12th.
The theme of the event: "no fish, no winter - Fishing"
Organization unit
Sponsor: North Guangzhou media "four sea fishing" channel
Beijing fishing & Fishing Co., Ltd.
Main project: Da Qi additive series
Business Negotiation: 010 - 80116070 or 13910230846
Two, CO sponsor: Chang Xing Zhuang fishing ground
Three, media support: four sea fishing channels
Four, competition venue: Chang Xing Zhuang fishing ground winter sports greenhouse
Five, competition items: small crucian carp, crucian carp, mixed fish, limited rod length: 3.6 meters, a total of three games, 60 minutes per game.
Six, this competition souvenir: Da Qi outdoor fishing special horse nail a market value of 120 yuan, Duqi boutique fish to protect a market value of 150 yuan, beautiful fishing hat a market value of 40 yuan, Da Qi new product additive a set of 220 yuan market value.
Seven, competition awards: (before the competition three entered the 2016 - 2017 winter indoor crucian carp King TV Competition finals).
First place: 3000 yuan + certificate + trophy
Second: 1500 yuan + certificate + trophy
Third: 800 yuan + certificate + trophy
Fourth to tenth: 500 yuan + certificate
Eleventh - twentieth, 300 yuan + certificate
2016~2017 winter indoor crucian carp king against cedar (Niu Routang) "bull strength" winter indoor greenhouse invitational tournament, is the first game of the winter indoor competition in the winter indoor sports shed in Chang Xing Zhuang's fishing ground in winter, in November 12th, the event was launched in the morning of October 18th. In 100 hours, the fishing competition was successfully registered, and the fishing friends registered quickly and enthusiastically.
Organizers: Sihai fishing channel was filmed, and the four seas channel host, the host of the Yavin, hosted and broadcast the whole event. This competition also attracted a number of famous fishermen to come to attend: the famous master Geng Baoqiang of the four sea channel, the famous Beijing angler Li Xiaobo teacher, the 2016 spring and evening of the good tiger team Yin Yihu, in 2015 to catch the Wang cup runner up Sun Jingang active in the fishing elite. While the game is going on, Yavin beautiful woman also listened carefully to Li Muhui, the product manager of Da Qi's additive series, to introduce the nature, environmental protection and no harm of the products. In the process, the manager of Li Muhui opened a bottle of Duqi Black Beef Broth directly into the mouth and drank it. Astonished, although he had seen a famous old fisherman on the DuGe fishing site before, Liu Jinghang and Qi Youguang had a funny talk about "Da Qi" after dinner, but they were surprised by his own eyes, and then Lee also demonstrated the unique state and process of the Da Qi additive. "Duqi" is sweet and fragrant. It's really like seeing a hundred times.