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Storage and maintenance of common fishing gear


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Storage and maintenance of common fishing gear

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The large number of fishing gear used in fishery production is of great significance for reducing cost, increasing economic benefits and prolonging the service life. To do a good job in fishing gear storage, we should first understand the physical and chemical properties of various fishing gears. For example, some production units put ethylene and nylon mesh in the open air for a long time, resulting in the decrease of the wire strength and the use of fishing gear, which often caused large economic losses. Therefore, we should pay attention to the following points when storing and maintaining fishing gear.
(1) before the fishing gear is stored, the dirt on the fishing gear, such as dirt and fish, should be washed with fresh water, and then dried, and removed, sinking, and other genera, and stored separately. Before hooking, the hooks should be cleaned, sharpened, coated with antirust oil and stored in dry place.
(2) the storage area should be kept airflow without direct sunlight. For small and small fishing gear, they can be tied to the roof beam. For a large number of large fishing gear, it should be stored in storehouses with high foundations and good ventilation conditions.
(3) check regularly during storage. When the weather is clear and the air is dry, it is necessary to open the storehouse doors and windows to make the air circulate. In rainy or high temperature conditions, storehouse doors and windows need to be shut down and not casually opened. The rainy season or the summer season should pay more attention to the warehouse, because the net and the net rope made of plant fiber are easy to be mouldy. Once the sky is clear, it should be displayed in the sun to dry immediately, and the fungicides can be properly sprayed when necessary. In the warehouse, we should pay attention to the work of killing insects, killing rats and so on.
(4) although synthetic fibers have better corrosion resistance than plant fibers, some synthetic fibers, such as acrylic and nylon, will also produce mildew in a long time of high temperature and humidity, and the strength of materials will also be affected. So for these fishing gear made of synthetic fiber, we should also pay attention to ventilation and dryness. Most of the synthetic fibers lack good anti Japanese Light properties. Do not expose the fishing gear made of this kind of material to sunlight for a long time. Some synthetic fiber mesh should not be overfolded and bent, so as not to affect the strength of wire mesh and reduce the service life.
(5) the fishing gear should be washed and cleaned up in the operation or operation for the time being, which is not only closely related to the fishing effect, but also is of great relationship to the protection of fishing gear. If the impurities attached to the mesh are not removed, the mesh will be torn due to uneven force when it is ready for operation.