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Summer fishing

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One, what do you do in summer with thunder and torrential rain?
Thunderstorms usually occur in the south when the weather is hot. Their arrival is sometimes not even predicted by the weather station. Before the thunderstorm comes, there will be dark clouds, thunder and lightning, and strong winds. At this point, you should pay attention to it, and immediately seek shelter from the rain. This is not a general light rain, can not be underestimated it. And the most important thing is not to hide under the trees, the shed, the cowshed, the eaves, the field straw, the straw pile, and the best place is to hide in the houses or buildings. For your safety, anglers can no longer insist on fishing. One thing to note is that the carbon steel pole itself conducts electricity, and it needs to be put in the box. After the thunderstorm, the humidity in the water decreased obviously and the dissolved oxygen also increased. At that time, the appetite of the fish was booming. It was a good time to go out fishing.
Two, summer fishing is good or downwind?
The experience of many fishing friends proves that the bottom of the fishing rod is good for fishing. Under the wind, the waves are rich in oxygen and food, and the temperature of the upper and lower water is balanced, which is good for fish's foraging growth. However, it is difficult to throw the rod under the wind, so it is not easy to throw it away and throw it away. What needs to be explained is that not all fishing methods are good. Floating fishing, hanging fishing and fishing rod fishing is good, one is that the drag of the bait is not far away, the two is to throw the float to the side of the wind, and not to be caught before the heel. The difference between the advantage and the wind is that it will be far away from the wind. Even if the wind is not far away, the wind will float farther away from the bait. Hand pole floating fishing, hanging fishing line is longer, throwing rod fishing can release dozens of meters, so these two kinds of fishing methods on the top of the wind.
Is summer fishing pole good or short pole?
The fishing rod can be divided into three categories by length and length: rods and poles: more than 6.3 meters are long poles, 4.5 meters ~5.4 meters are par rods, and 3.6 meters below are short poles. Fishing in the summer is also divided into pond fishing, field fishing, in the field of water of course, of course with long poles, mainly for fishing deep fishing, 6.3 meters and 7.2 meters in length is two kinds, too long rods are heavy and inconvenient operation, of course, in summer to catch grass, long pole short line fishing can also be selected 8 meters or 9 meters, 10 meters above the pole in more than 10 meters The north is not very suitable. But in summer, many fishing enthusiasts love the field fishing white fish (white strip) or the pond to catch the carp, which generally chooses the short rod below 4.5 meters, and the short rod has the characteristics of light kneading, convenience and sensitivity.
Three, summer fishing floating good or good bottom fishing?
Fish can be divided into bottom fish, middle fish and upper level fish, carp and carp on the bottom of the fish, silver carp, bighead, and grass carp belong to the upper middle level fish, and some small fish such as white fish (commonly known as white fish), Ma Kou, brook and red scales are upper fish, so what fishing method is mainly used to look at the fishing object Fish species, of course, under special circumstances, some fish also change their swimming layer. Carp fishing is usually the bottom line. If the fish density in the fish pond is large, the fish will float up in the process of fishing.
Four, in summer, what kind of fish line is good for fishing in summer?
In summer, the fish is awakened by spring, and the strength of the fish is great, and the fish has a great struggle. The strength of the fish is 4-5 times heavier than that of the fish, so the fishing in summer is much thicker than the line in the spring.
Hand rod field fishing can generally choose line 2-3, the specific line number to look at the variety of fish fish, if the selection of the 2 line carp, if special attack carp, then select the 3 fish line, the brain line is smaller than the main line. If a fishing rod is used, the fish line should choose No. 4. According to the functional points, they are divided into sub line (brain line) and main line (big line). The two kinds of fishing lines are different in their softness and strength and draught.
In short, fishing in the summer is very interesting. As long as the fishing friends are flexible, they will get very satisfied fish.
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