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Eight factors affecting fishing


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Eight factors affecting fishing

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When we are fishing, there are many factors that will affect the effect of fishing. There are human and natural influences. What are the external disturbances that affect fishing? Let's talk about eight points:
First, water is polluted: now the quality of people's life has been improved, and there are many factories around them. The sewage discharged from these factories will pollute the water, and the pesticides, chemical fertilizers and diesel oil used by farmers flow into the water, and the water will also be polluted. When the harmful water flows out, it produces a pungent odour, which fish smell can cause disease, and fishing in polluted water must be in vain if the fish is fishing in the polluted water.
Two, decoupling: it is said that the disconnected fish can use the side line to send a warning signal to the same kind, and the fish can secrete a substance to transmit to other fish. Therefore, it is possible to prevent the unhook phenomenon. It is the best policy to change the new fishing position quickly after the decoupling.
Three. Rising water and falling water: Although the water level is rising, it will not be a threat to the survival of fish, but fish will feel fear because of its lack of adaptation.
Four, shadow, pole shadow: fishing when fishing and the shadow of the pole falling on the surface of the water, and the figure of the fisherman wandering on the shore, will make the fish frightened. Once the fish is frightened, the fish will quickly leave the original water and hide.
Five, ferocious fish attack: freshwater fish such as black fish, white fish, mandarin fish, all belong to carnivorous fish, eating very ferocious bully, mandarin fish, white fish can swallow more than half the length of the fish, such as the fish in the water, the other fish will hide far.
Six, windy, thunderstorm and rainstorm: the windy day, the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, and food can be found, which is generally considered a rare good weather, especially in the summer windy fishing, but the wind is better than grade 4, more than 5 levels of wind, fish are hidden in the grass or muddy water, even if insisted on fishing will not give. How many pleasant surprises do you bring? If you are caught in a thunderstorm or a stormy weather, fish will be afraid of your heart and will rush to flee first.
Seven, fishing and electric exploding: now some people like to catch fish with electric exploding, which will frighten the fish. They will have an impact on them.
Eight, voice: fish's inner ear is very developed, hearing is very sensitive, and has "fish ear tip, sound will run away". When the fish hear the sound of a piercing sound, such as the sound of mechanical work, the whistle of a motor vehicle, and the noise of Kishi Ueto, the fish will immediately lurk in the muddy water area. At the moment, it will not move foraging, so fishing should avoid the road and choose a quiet fishing ground. In addition, when fishing, do not make too loud noise on the shore or noise.