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How to choose the hook


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How to choose the hook

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The hook is the key to fishing, so it is very important for the selection and maintenance of the hook.
(1) the selection of hooks: which hook should be chosen must be seriously considered.
(1) choose the hook according to the type of fish: the type of fish is different and the hook is different. For example, carp: small mouth, thin lip and mild sex, it is appropriate to use small hook with small hook; carp: its mouth is large, its lip is thick, and its force is big. It is suitable to use hook door wide, hook bottom deep, hook bar thick hook. Some hooks are named after fingerlings, such as crucian carp hooks and carp hooks.
2. Pick the hook according to the size of the fish: small hook can also catch big fish, but big hook can not catch small fish. Therefore, the basic principle of selecting hook should be small but not big. However, it is also necessary to select the hook according to local conditions according to the fish and water conditions.
3. Pick the hook according to the fishing tackle: different fishing tackle is also different from the hook. If the rod fishing, the hook should be used to hook parallel hooks with the hook; the sea pole and the mound can be caught with the short hook and the hook tip. This hook is easy to swallow the entrance, and it is not easy to remove the hook.
(2) the selection method of the hook
Appearance: the shape is round and round, the hook thickness is uniform, the surface is smooth and the color is consistent.
2. Hook tip: must be sharp, touch the hook tip lightly with your hands. If you feel sticky, it means sharp.
3. Barbed: the barbed position is near the hook tip, and the angle is 25 degrees -30 degrees. Too low barbs, too long and too many corners are not easy to fish.
Hook handle: the size and thickness of the hook handle should be suitable. Too small, tied hook line easy to loose; too thin, it is easy to cut the hook line.
Strength and toughness: press the hook tip to the inside and outside by hand. If it is found that the hook is broken or the hook is bent and deformed, it should be abandoned.